About Carlton Investments

Carlton Investment Services Group, LLC specializes in providing strategic investment planning and management services. We help our clients select investments that are right for them, and then provide the market analysis to help ensure that their investments remain appropriate for their needs and risk tolerance.

  • First, we get to know you. Every individual has unique views on saving and investing, and every individual has a unique tolerance for investment risk. We spend the time with potential clients to learn about their personal investment philosophies.
  • We offer choices. No one specific financial formula is right for everyone. Choosing from a wide variety of alternatives, we assist clients in creating their own personal investment strategy. We strive to recommend investments that provide balance, diversification, and the flexibility to capitalize on market opportunities as they may arise.     
  • We select investments very carefully. Carlton Investment Services Group, LLC works closely with Trademark Financial Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. We are not “captive” to any organization, thus ensuring our objectivity. Working within the parameters you set forth, we select products designed to fit your investment objectives and risk tolerance.
  • We look out for our clients. Unlike many financial products, we do not put your program “on a shelf” once it has been selected and implemented. Rather, we continuously track market performance. If changing conditions suggest that clients might benefit from a re-positioning of their assets, we will let them know. 
  • We communicate with you. You want to know how your investments are performing, so we keep in close contact. We provide portfolio updates upon request, and we use an interactive wealth management tool (eMoney) with our clients which allows them to keep track and monitor their financial plans on a daily basis.  We also encourage our clients to meet with us in person for a portfolio review at least once per year.