John Hanten

Vice President, Business Development

John is the Vice President of Business Development for Carlton Investment Services Group.  He joined the team in October of 2019.  Prior to CISG, he spent time as a Financial Advisor working and learning with two of the largest investment institutions, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. During his time at these companies, John worked with families, individuals, small businesses, non-profits and larger publicly traded companies. 

John was inspired to begin working in the industry by his father, who has been an advisor for many years. He recalls his father's stories of helping others, while always bringing the focus back to the individual and their goals. John believes that by defining processes, he can focus on what matters, address the controllable, implement a plan and accomplish goals. He puts a premiere focus on allowing others to sleep well at night, knowing that their family or business is positioned for success for years to come.

John graduated from Creighton University's Heider College of Business in 2017 with a Degree in Finance and an emphasis in Financial Services and Economics.

Outside of the office, John is an active member of the Minnesota Zoo Associates Board and works with other members to engage adults in Minnesota Zoo events and environmental awareness. John is the Secretary of The Saint Thomas Academy Alumni Association and an involved member of the STA community. He also is a board member of The Alzheimer's Associations Young Champions Board, a diverse group of emerging leaders dedicated to changing the face of Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias by engaging peers and raising awareness cross-generationally.

John was raised in Orono, Minnesota and is the youngest of 6 children. He is an uncle to 3 nieces and 2 nephews. As an avid golfer, he'll play as much as Mother Nature will permit. His other hobbies include running, fishing, boating, camping, skating, networking and spending quality time with his friends and large family. John is an all-around Minnesota sports fan and embraces the fact that he has never seen a championship parade.

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